Episode 32

Published on:

12th Nov 2021

Tecmo-Sportsball-Wrestling with Capo

Show 32 is a very chatty episode with Capo! Deme gets lost as Bricco and Capo talk sports ball and wrestling but there’s also lots of talk about WoW, games, streaming and much more for all to enjoy. Deme even got a wrestling reference or two.

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The Third Faction The Good People in Gaming Podcast
A podcast about the gaming community hosted by Bricco, RP Govan and Ms Listra with the occasional special guest on each fortnightly episode.
A podcast about the community in the gaming with a heavy bias towards World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14.

Each fortnight, Bricco, RP Govan and Listra talk about how they found their games and communities, how they've built their own community and where to find your place in them.

We aim to show that gaming is an inclusive world and help people find their place in this far reaching community.

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